Our rigorous assessment and quality assurance process wraps around the entire Lift & Escalator Apprenticeship programme. Supporting everyone involved to achieve success. Through fair, consistent assessments we ensure highly skilled professionals represent our industry.




At least 3 months before EPA

Employers enquire about registering their Apprentices with LEIA Assessment using our online form. We call you back to chat about your specific requirements.

Pricing agreement

At least 3 months before EPA

Our pricing is straightforward and fair. We are happy to negotiate prices with employers for large volumes and there’s no payment up-front before the gateway.


At least 3 months before EPA

Once you agree on your package of support, we send employers and training providers contracts to sign – for everyone’s clarity.

Resource access

At least 3 months before EPA

Once contracts are signed, Employers get access to our specialist resources to help prepare their learners for EPA. Training Providers also get access to additional resources through the Knowledge hub on ACE360.

Mock Assessments

At least 3 months before EPA

Where possible we provide sample / mock assessments, this includes one free knowledge test on our online system classmarker

ACE360 registration

At least 3 months before EPA

Training Providers are invited to register their learners and keep Apprentice profiles on ACE360 up-to-date so that we can monitor their likely Gateway and EPA dates and line up appropriate assessment resources.




3 months before EPA

At the end of the on-programme training period, the Training Provider will submit a learner Gateway Form and any relevant supporting evidence from their Apprentice via ACE360.

Post gateway

3 months before EPA

Once we have checked that the requirements of the apprenticeship training have been met we’ll pass the Apprentice through the gateway. That’s when the EPA process starts.


Immediately after Gateway

To help Training Providers prepare their Apprentices for EPA, we offer virtual support sessions which will enable employers and providers to ensure that the assessments will go smoothly.


Within 3 weeks of Gateway

Employers will request EPA dates with us as soon as possible after Gateway and this will be done directly with our Assessors most of the time. The assessments will be booked, in line with the EPA timeframe requirements and availability of assessors.

EPA evidence

3 weeks before EPA

The Apprentice will submit any evidence required to allow the Assessors to prepare for their assessments in advance (e.g. Project Report for Level 3 Electromechanic. This will be done electronically, and uploaded to ACE360.


1 week before EPA

We always conduct a pre-assessment check. This extra step ensures that assessment spaces and technology are suitable and set up correctly for a robust assessment.



Assessments 1-3

Within 3-6 months of Gateway (Standard depending)

Our team of sector expert Assessors carry out their assessments, drawing on their first-hand practical experience and technical expertise, to evaluate Apprentices competence. They grade them and determine if they are competent for their future roles in line with the assessment plan.

Quality assurance

Within 7 working days of final assessment

Every assessment will undergo strict quality assurance to ensure that they comply with our delivery processes, are graded in line with the agreed grading boundaries and reflect the Apprentice’s true competency.



Grade confirmation

Within 7 working days of final assessment

Following all quality assurance checks, we confirm final grading within 7 working days of the final assessment taking place. Full grading guides can be found on our Apprenticeship pages. Level 2 Electomechanic. Level 3 Electromechanic.

Statement of results

Within 21 working days of grade confirmation

A Final Grading Report and statement of results will confirm the apprentices grade and provide additional feedback on the assessments – this is not a certificate.

Re-sits & re-takes

Within 3 months of Fail grades & within 6 months of Gateway (standard depending)

If an Apprentice doesn’t pass an assessment, they will be able to re-sit the assessment, or re-take it if they need further learning. This information will be detailed in the Final Grading Report issued with the results.




Within 5 working days of statement of results

For successful apprentices, we will claim the certificate from the Education Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) within 5 working days. It will be sent directly to the employer’s address, normally within a further 14 days.