Questions to ask your end-point assessment organisation

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We know that hiring and training apprentices is a vital step toward ensuring a skilled workforce for the future. One crucial aspect of apprenticeship programmes is the end-point assessment (EPA), which determines whether your apprentices are ready to excel in their roles. Selecting the right EPA organisation is crucial to guarantee the quality and relevance of your apprentices’ training. Here are some essential questions to ask when choosing an EPA organisation.  

Accreditation and Expertise 

  • Is the EPA organisation accredited by the appropriate regulatory bodies, such as the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (IfATE)? 
  • Do they have experienced assessors who are well-versed in the intricacies of the lift industry? 

Assessment Methods and Tools 

  • What assessment methods and tools do they employ to evaluate apprentices’ competency? 
  • How is the assessment conducted? Is it face to face or remotely?  
  • Are their assessment methods aligned with the specific skills and knowledge required in the lift industry? 
  • Do they provide access to specialist tools and resources to support the apprentices and employers?  

Customisation and Flexibility 

  • Can the EPA organisation tailor the assessment process to align with your business’s specific practices and needs? 
  • How do they accommodate apprentices who may require reasonable adjustments due to disabilities or learning challenges? 
  • Are they flexible in scheduling assessments to minimise disruption to your business operations? 

Transparency and Communication 

  • How transparent is the EPA organisation about their assessment processes, criteria, and results? 
  • Do they provide regular updates and reports on your apprentices’ progress throughout the assessment process? 
  • Is there clear communication about any adjustments or changes to the assessment criteria? 

Feedback and Improvement 

  • How does the EPA organisation provide constructive feedback to apprentices and employers after the assessment? 
  • Do they offer guidance on areas for improvement to ensure continuous learning and growth? 
  • Are there mechanisms in place to gather feedback from employers to enhance their assessment methods? 
  • Can apprentices re-sit if they don’t pass end-point assessment?  

Quality Assurance  

  • What measures does the EPA organisation have in place to ensure consistent and high-quality assessments? 
  • Do they have a process for reviewing and updating their assessment methods to reflect industry advancements? 
  • How do they maintain alignment with IfATE’s standards and guidelines? 

Cost and Value 

  • What is the cost structure for the assessment services, and does it provide value for the quality of assessment delivered? 
  • Are there any hidden fees or additional costs that employers should be aware of? 
  • Can they provide references from other lift industry employers who have used their assessment services? 

By asking the questions outlined above, you can ensure that the EPA organisation aligns with your business’s values, goals, and industry-specific needs.  

We would be happy to answer any of these questions and tell you more about LEIA Assessment. Get in touch for a chat.  



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